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Introducing Our CBG Smokes

At Pure Hemp Smokes, we're thrilled to introduce our latest collection of CBG smokes, meticulously crafted to offer you a premium smoking experience like no other....

Our CBG smokes are a testament to our commitment to quality and purity. We take pride in using only the highest-quality US-grown hemp plants to create a smoking experience that's free of both tobacco and nicotine.

Dive into the world of CBG (Cannabigerol) and discover the soothing effects of smoking CBG-rich hemp flower.

Smoking CBG: Tobacco and Nicotine-Free Bliss

Immerse yourself in the soothing world of CBG, free from the addictive qualities of nicotine and tobacco. Here's what sets our CBG smokes apart:

  • No Tobacco, No Nicotine: Pure CBG bliss awaits you. We've eliminated all traces of tobacco and nicotine, providing you with a truly tobacco-free alternative.
  • Premium CBG Flower: Our smokes are crafted with cannabinoid-rich hemp flower, ensuring you experience the full benefits of CBG without any unwanted additives.
  • CBD & CBG Blend: Each smoke is expertly rolled and packed with a proprietary blend of CBD and CBG flower, offering you a harmonious balance that promotes relaxation and calm.
  • Smooth Satisfaction: Our smokes contain just the right amount of CBD and CBG flower for a smooth, satisfying smoking experience.
  • Stress Relief: CBD and CBG are renowned for their calming effects, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, making these smokes the ideal choice for anyone seeking tranquillity.

Experience the Purity of 100% Natural Hemp Flower

Our premium CBG smokes are made with 100% all-natural smoking CBG hemp flower, ensuring a clean and wholesome smoking experience. Here's what you can expect from our CBG collection:

  • Rich in Cannabinoids: Each smoke contains 50mg or more of cannabinoids, delivering the goodness of CBG in every puff.
  • Terpene Delight: Packed with a diverse terpene blend, our CBG smokes offer enhanced flavor and a truly enriching smoking experience.
  • No Tobacco, No Nicotine: Rest assured, our CBG smokes contain absolutely no tobacco or nicotine, making them a healthier choice for smokers.
  • Legal Compliance: Our products contain less than 0.3% THC, ensuring full compliance with legal requirements.

Why Choose CBG Smokes?

Choosing our CBG smokes means embracing a world of benefits:

  • Healthier Smoking: Enjoy the purity of 100% natural hemp flower without the harmful additives found in traditional cigarettes.
  • Stress Reduction: Experience the calming effects of CBG and CBD, helping you unwind and find inner peace.
  • Craftsmanship: Our smokes are meticulously crafted to deliver the perfect smoking experience from start to finish.
  • Legal and Safe: Rest easy knowing our products meet legal standards and are safe for consumption.

Explore Our CBG Collection Today

Ready to embark on a journey to pure relaxation with CBG smokes? Pure Hemp Smokes is your destination for premium CBG smoking experiences.

Discover the natural goodness of CBG in every puff and say goodbye to tobacco and nicotine. Contact us at customerservice@purehempsmokes.com

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